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Testing and Placement

All newly admitted first-year students will take Rutgers University's placement tests. Transfer students entering Rutgers without an equivalent English writing course or math course will also be required to take placement tests. The placement tests are designed to provide information about students' individual skills in the English language and in mathematics. The test results will be used to place students in the courses and sections appropriate to their level of preparation. In some cases, those may be noncredit, developmental courses. Also, testing in a foreign language studied in high school is compulsory for first-year students who will attend the School of Arts of Sciences in New Brunswick and for certain students who will attend colleges in Camden.

Each campus (Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick) will notify their students where the tests will be administered and when they are to take them. Each campus schedules the date and time for administering the tests to its students. Test scores will be reported to respective schools/colleges, and determine the procedures for communicating information about the test results to its students.

Accommodations for Placement Testing
If you have a disability that requires an accommodation for the placement test (e.g., extra time, reader, scribe), you are required to register with the Office of Disability Services and receive approval for the accommodations requested. Please visit this link to apply for services with the Office of Disability Services: or call 848-445-6800.

If you live over 200 miles from Rutgers, you can make arrangements to complete the testing by asking your guidance counselor (or some other school administrator) if he/she would be willing to proctor the placement tests at your high school or you may arrange to take testing on campus if you anticipate visiting during the spring/summer. To make such special arrangements, please call 848-932-8445 or email

Placement Testing Information Bulletin*

Registration for Placement Tests for all New Brunswick/Piscataway
First Year (Freshmen) and Transfer Students

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