This placement testing information is for Rutgers-New Brunswick students.

Rutgers Newark students: visit this link.
Rutgers Camden students: visit this link.

 Placement Testing Information Bulletin
World Language Testing Information
 Exemptions from Testing
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 Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
Now that you have been admitted to Rutgers University-New Brunswick, you will need to take placement tests. These tests are designed to provide information about your skills and test results will be used to help place you in the courses appropriate for your level of preparation. Please read the Placement Testing Information Bulletin in its entirety before attempting tests. It contains important guidelines and sample questions.

Accommodations for Placement Testing (Rutgers - New Brunswick)
If you need accommodations, it is very important that you apply for services by following this link before attempting any tests. DO NOT TEST IF YOUR ACCOMMODATIONS PROCESS HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED.

Accessing the Tests
A desktop or laptop computer with reliable internet access is required for testing.  If you have reviewed all important links above and it has been two business days since you activated your NetID, you should be able to log into the placement tests. If you have not yet activated your NetID, please click here.


For students incoming in Fall 2019 (testing opens March 1):


Required Math, English, and World Language testing must be completed within 30 days of accepting your offer of admission*. Once you begin, all required tests should be completed within 3 days. After you complete testing (even if you don’t yet have your results), be sure to sign up for an advising day with your school at Rutgers!


  • For the Math test, click here
  • For the English test, click here
  • For World Language tests, click here


*For students seeking testing accommodations: Please contact the Office of Disability Services well in advance of the testing deadline and prior to attempting any placement tests. The process begins by completing the registration form at https://webapps.rutgers.edu/student-ods/forms/registration. Schools will work with that office on a case-by-case basis to make exceptions to the placement test deadline when necessary and appropriate. DO NOT TEST IF YOUR ACCOMMODATIONS PROCESS HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED.

Attention Continuing Students: if you cannot access the tests you need, please email testingandplacement@rutgers.edu from your Scarletmail account identifying which test you need to take. Include your nine-digit RUID number and name.

bullet Attention Summer Scholars:  please visit this link. Test links for Summer Scholars may be different than links listed on this page.  

Finding Results

Incoming students: use the Enrollment Pathway to view your test results. Log in, and click on the Placement Testing tab – results should be posted within 2 weeks of test completion.
Continuing/current students: use Degree Navigator to view your test results. Use the student login, then go to your course list, and scroll to the bottom. Placements are coded with the prefix “PL.” Results should be posted within 2 weeks of test completion.

Important Notes

Placement tests can only be completed once. Do not test if you are feeling ill.
An incorrect placement due to purposeful misrepresentation of your score will result in a lower GPA or a delay in your graduation. We want you to succeed and invite you to simply do your best work. More information is provided on the Placement Testing Information Bulletin.

Contact Us

If you have read all the contents of this page and the Placement Testing Information Bulletin in its entirety but have other questions, please email testingandplacement@rutgers.edu. We’d be happy to help!