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Rutgers Faculty Survey

The Office of Institutional Research and Academic Planning (OIRAP) is responsible for the administration of the Rutgers Faculty Survey (FS) to all full-time faculty at the University. Faculty maintain their personal database via a web browser application. Instructions are provided on how to complete the FS on-line.

The University’s Faculty Survey (FS) is the primary instrument for collecting scholarly, creative, research, and service activities of faculty. It is a valuable resource for enumerating and chronicling the intellectual and service activities of Rutgers faculty to both internal and external audiences. In 2005, OIRAP revamped the survey significantly by improving the data collection process, making provision for additional data, and creating a system that now enables faculty to directly access and output your information in various formats.

The FS offers immediate benefits to each faculty member, including:

  • An entirely web-enabled process involving a paperless data collection environment with continuous and secure access to personal data, so that each faculty member will be able to enter and revise their data at any time during the year. Data from a CV can be pasted directly into the input screens of the FS (certain formatting is retained, e.g. bold, italics, underline, super/subscript, bulleting, Greek letters, and special characters). Customizable category captions permits inclusion of additional types of information (e.g., add a header within a standard category to include special categories of activity or unique arrangements). Capability to move data between categories.
  • A single point of data entry that allows faculty to use data entered in the FS for other university reporting needs, such as academic reappointments and promotions. A completed official promotion form can be produced anytime (see "My Reports" menu).
  • Direct retrieval of individual data so that each faculty member will be able to retrieve a record of personal information from a variety of predefined formats for personal use (e.g. complete PHS 398 BioSketch used in NIH grants). Faculty can get a permanent personal link to their customized CV in a secure PDF format (follow the "My Resume" menu and choose options). Create “My Web Page,” a customized standardized personal profile web page. Also, if you deposit your publications in the Rutgers Library RUcore digital repository project, a search box of all your full text PDF publications can be added to “My Web Page” (see example at bottom of page).
  • Accomplishment and Service Activity reports for deans and chairs may be generated with data from the secure FS database. Administrators access these reports through a secure online interface.
  • Integration with other data sources, e.g. if the faculty member opts in, certain responses feed the searchable Rutgers Speakers Bureau and "Find an Expert" web sites maintained by University Relations; list of courses from the Instructional Workload System, and Student Instructional Rating Surveys (SIRS) (currently not electronic); the Rutgers Library RUcore digital repository project mentioned above.
In completing the survey, faculty may agree to participate in the Media Experts and Speakers Bureau programs. The Media Experts Directory enables reporters to search for a faculty member or specialist with credentials in a news topic and then contact that person directly or through the Office of Media Relations. The Speakers Bureau enables community groups to identify a faculty member or specialist by area of interest or research, and then submit a request for that speaker for their event.

To access your new Faculty Survey, you will need your NetID username and password. Currently, the secure application works with Internet Explorer and Firefox* (Safari support is coming soon). Please copy this link into one of the above browsers:
If you have any problems with accessing or completing your survey, please contact Richard Tedesco, Institutional Research at 732-932-7305 x226.

* Firefox for the MAC, Windows, and Linux is available here.

Updated 8/2009

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